Art of Barbecue

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Barbecue is a cultural tradition linked to mankind for thousands, possibly millions, of years. If the caveman was around today, he would possibly claim to be the pioneer.

Meat and Fire, it's that simple!!

Bring inspiration, love, appetite, raw protein, some special spices and a pinch of heritage and there will not be two barbecue sessions the same.
Our aim is to inspire you on this culinary art that brings people together, entertains and challenges the senses every time around. We look forward to sharing our passion with you and giving you the means to a greater barbecue experience!!

As a launch pad we have chosen to showcase the Brazilian charcoal barbecue style called ‘Churrasco’. For those who haven’t heard about this exquisite cooking method, it comprises grilling over wood fire, or charcoal, your choice of meat, seafood, vegetable or even a fruit (yes fruit!). A variety of skewers are used to hold your selection over the fire and have it cooked slowly.

Preparing a ‘Churrasco’ requires a specific type of grill - the 'Churrasqueira'... If you are in Brazil you’ll see them everywhere and understand why they are so popular, but, you don't need to go that far... Australia have now one of Brazil’s best selling portable charcoal barbecues - the MOR Barbecue Range.

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